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Saved President Jackson's life - lived to regret it.  More
John Burnett
Birthday Story of Private John G. Burnett, Cherokee Indian Removal, 1838-39.  More
Born about 1759.  A key figure in the life and times of the Cherokee.  More
Andrew Jackson
"Old Hickory".  In November 1828, Andrew Jackson succeeded John Q. Adams as President.  He was a frontiersman and an Indian hater...   More
Jesse Busheyhead
Born in East Tennessee in 1804, he was educated at the Candy's Creek Mission and became a teacher there.  Although he was later made prisoner at the Candy's Creek detention camp...   More
Wilson Lumpkin
A native of Virginia, Wilson Lumpkin was born on January 14, 1783 in Pennsylvania County.  At one year of age his parents took him and moved to Georgia where he later became a Senator.    More
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