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Joseph Vann

Joseph Vann, known as "Rich Joe", was a wealthy Cherokee whose large plantation at Springplace, Georgia was worked by hundreds of African slaves. He was a friend of Chief John Ross and was a frequent delegate to Washington DC on tribal business. He served as Ross's assistant principal chief at the beginning of the American Civil War.

The Vann House at Springplace, Georgia was built by James Vann.   James Vann was killed in Forsyth County, Georgia, and buried in same. He was buried next to Buffingtons Tavern, which he owned, on the Old Federal Road.  The Tavern has now been moved to the Cumming City Park. 

The house was then inherited by his son Joseph "Rich Joe" Vann. In 1833, his mansion was taken by Col. William Bishop of the Georgia Guard and turned into Georgia Guard headquarters. At the time of removal, Rich Joe's property valuation showed him as the second richest man in the Nation.

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