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Elias Boudinot

Elias Boudinot was born Gul-la-gee-nah "Buck Deer" Watie, brother of Stand Watie, in Georgia in 1802.  His benefactor at the foreign mission school in Cornwall, CT, Elias Boudinot, was so impressed with the young Cherokee that he gave him his name.

Although active in Cherokee government, Boudinot is best known for signing the Treaty of New Echota in 1835, which traded Cherokee ancestral homelands in the east for lands west of the Mississippi River.  Boudinot and two other members of the Treaty Party, Major Ridge and John Ridge, were killed on June 22, 1839, for signing the treaty.

Boudinot was the first editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, the first Cherokee newspaper, from 1828 to 1832.  We wrote editorials denouncing the removal policies until he began to believe that Cherokees would best prosper away from the white man in Indian Territory.

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