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Dr. Lucian Lamar Sneed

John H. Sneed upon reaching manhood, married Mary Ward, thus producing John A. Sneed, Dr. Lucian Lamar Sneed's Grandfather, and John O. Sneed, his Father.

John H. (Harrison) Sneed was enrolled in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians on the Baker Roll and is buried on the Qualla Boundry leaving many descendants there today.

Union County Georgia

No. Name Age Relation Notes
2079. Mary Ann Sneed 22 w  
2080. John H Sneed 4 s  
2081. Sarah E Sneed 2 d  
2082. James Blythe 46   12797
2083. Sally Blythe 46 w  

View the Chapman and Siler rolls for Cherokees living east of the Mississippi River.  Perhaps you will find your Cherokee ancestors listed there as well.


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